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The Importance of Curb Appeal When Selling a Home

Friday, 13 October 2017 10:08
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Guest Author: Kris Lindahl
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There are a lot of things that go into making a home look great, inside and out. Those issues are important, whether the home is one that the owners love living in, or whether they are trying to sell it and move somewhere else. If you're looking to sell within the next few months or years, taking steps to improve your exterior appeal can make a huge difference in the final outcome.

Make or Break a Home Sale With Curb Appeal

Sellers who are dedicated to the process and want to get their home sold and move on to whatever comes next must understand that curb appeal is a big factor. If they don't make their home look appealing from the curb, a buyer who pulls up to look at it may not even go inside. That first impression is very important.

Having flowers in the flower beds, a nicely cut lawn, good paint, high quality windows, and a stellar entryway can all add up to a seller who sees success and a buyer who likes the look of the house right from the very beginning. Not every seller thinks about those things, but they should. Especially in markets that are slow, it's vital to get buyers interested from the get-go.

So, what can be done about homes with low curb appeal? There are some things that can't be easily changed, such as the location and the overall structure or layout. The way the front of the house presents itself to buyers, though, can be altered in a lot of different ways that will raise its appeal and get more buyers interested in taking a closer look at the inside.

What Makes Up Curb Appeal?

Things like attractive windows, quality siding, beautiful entry doors, and other nice touches can raise curb appeal significantly. Windows, for example, really change the look of a house. If a seller has a home that is older – one that still has single pane windows – putting in double pane vinyl replacement windows can make the house look much newer. The house will also have a cleaner, neater look, and buyers will be attracted to that. Buyers will also see the house as more move-in ready since they won't have to make those improvements themselves.

Doors and siding are also very important. A lovely entryway with a nice, high quality door really gets the attention of buyers. It's welcoming, and makes the house look like a place people would want to come home to. Buyers need to be able to see themselves walking through that door and into their home, and a beautiful door has a higher chance of conveying those feelings. Doors come in many price points, so there are options for nearly every seller.

Good siding is an investment, but it can also raise the value of a home and make buyers more interested in all that house has to offer. It's another of those move-in ready issues, where buyers will prefer to see that they don't have to make changes anytime soon. This can increase the amount of buyers willing to see your home – and increase the amount they are willing to pay.

Landscaping, de-cluttering the yard, and touching up paint all matter, too. The neater and cleaner the house looks when the buyer pulls up to the curb out front, the higher the chance that buyer will come inside to look around. Each day a home sits on the market costs sellers money. Cut that time significantly by investing in your curb appeal before listing.

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