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Celebrate Earth Day with energy efficient windows! Featured

Thursday, 20 April 2017 09:52
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Are you green enough? Earth day usually reminds us that there is more that we could be doing to be more environmentally conscious. Time after time we are told about tips and tricks to cut down on our carbon footprint, recycling, alternative transportation, and energy conservation to name a few. But what most people don’t know that a huge way to reduce your carbon footprint could as simple as replacing your windows!

Now for a quick science lesson, when you use fossil fuels, like oil or coal these things produce carbon dioxide which scientist believe that it contributes to climate change. So whenever you do something that reduces your carbon footprint you are effectively reducing the amount carbon dioxide released, this is usually measured in pounds. According to EPA, a household of four using electricity to heat their home could save 11,416 LBS of carbon dioxide by replacing their windows with energy star certified windows.

This number is huge compared to other mainstream energy conservation methods. Below are some examples of the kind of impact energy efficient windows have compared to other green solutions.
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